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American Family Insurance, (Wisconsin) for almost 30 years

by Renee
(Jackson, WI. , )

On 12/31/2008, I was run down INSIDE a local Wal-Mart, by a man who murdered his girlfriend. He decided to try to evade police by crashing into the Wal-Mart on one side & tried to exit the other.

At the time, I was working a seasonal job, in Texas, and my car titled in Wisconsin, was in Wisconsin, in storage. Since American Family does not insure in Texas, I had another car, insured with another company, which was sitting in my driveway, at my Texas residence, because I had gone to the store with someone else.

Long story short, the man who ran me dow was not insured, and I accumulated losses in excess of my Texas policy, so I also claimed against my Wisconsin company, as, "bunking" was allowed in both states, as long as no claim was made for duplicate losses.

American Family was very cooperative in evaluating and paying my claim fairly, however, when I asked for current proof of insurance so I could renew the tags on my Wisconsin car, I did not receive anything from my agent, who is a new agent, as previous agents I have worked with have retired. When I enquired about the information I needed to renew my tags, I was told that my policies, (I have 3 vehicles insured by them), that I had been cancelled because of my bad driving record.

In 45+ years of driving, I have never had anything more than a parking ticket. I have had a couple of accidents, in the past, over 5 years ago, which I wasfoubd NOT to be at fault. I have heard nothing further from this agent, and am at a loss to understand how my driving could be an issue, with regard to being run down INSIDE of the Wal-Mart, especially considering that my Wisconsin car was not even there, but in storage, in Wisconsin, and my Texas car was in my drivewat, at my home, about 7 miles away.

I am extremely upset, after being a loyal customer for so many years, that my coverage was cancelled almost a year ago, and I never received a cancellation notice of any kind. Because I have been cancelled, and apparently somerone made an error in entering the particulars of this, "assault" against me by motor vehicle, I am having difficulty getting coverage from anyone!

I have State Farm, here in Texas, but had a very bad experience with them, regarding them acting in good faith, as they refused to make me an offer of smy kins, until almost 20 months after the incident, when I hired an attorney who, of course took almost 50%! They were hoping that I would not act, and the 2 year statute of limitations would run out and they would not have to pay.

It has been over 2 years, now, and I am still recovering from injuries that, I believe would have healed, had they paid me in a timely fashion, so I could continue to get medical care. I lost my $100,000.00+ a year job, and have been told I may never be able to return to work. So I will never insure abother vehicle with State Farm! My credit rating is a mess, I lost my Wisconsin home, and was almost evicted from where

I was staying, in Texas, as I had used up all of my money, and also was not well enough to travel back to Wisconsin, at that time. So I have little faith in either of these companies, as I feel that they just further victimized me, on top of the physical and emotional trauma I suffered at the hands of the man who tried to kill me with his car!

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