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Animal caused damage to car

by Al

My friend was driving home from work last night on a public road but remote from city traffic. She slowed down when she saw a pitbull roaming the street.

The dog jumped on her car and damaged the car's hood and door. The owner of the dog could not be determined, and locating a dog tag was not an option.
Should she file a police report to file an insurance claim?



Well yeah, she will have to prove that she had a collision with an animal.

There are other issues here. Your friend will probably have to have comprehensive coverage or the insurance company will not cover.

Read more about comprehensive coverage here:

This was not a collision for two reasons: 1. It was with an animal (read why on the link above) and 2. The dog jump on her car causing the damage. The damage was not done by her sticking the dog.

The dog owner will probably argue that “the car stroke the dog.” If that is the case, your friend might be liable for any injury to the dog, unless she/he can prove that it was an attack and not a collision. That is why filling a report will be important.

If the dog was not injured, the report should still be filed to show that it was a collision with a dog.

I hope this helps

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