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Animal hit and insurance asking for sworn statement

by Vincent
(New Jersey)

I was involved in an accident with no other parties involved, except a group of deer.

I was driving in the early morning, on a dark road, and came across a group of deer crossing the road. As I was coming around a turn I saw the first deer. I swerved to the right onto the shoulder and missed the deer. A second deer ran into the front left side of my car, denting the fender and breaking the headlight mounting bracket. I then hit the curb with both right tires, blowing them out and spun out turning left.

The deer were gone, even the one I hit. I restarted the car and pulled it off the road. I didn't realize in the dark the extent of damage to my car. I did not call the police. I got a ride home. I contacted a friend who has a tow truck and asked him to pick up the car and bring it for repairs. My friend brought the car to a local body and repair shop, that he recommended because of the damage- and also recommended I file a claim because of the expense.

I called the insurance company, later that Sunday morning. I gave my first recorded statement. later I was contacted and gave another recorded statement.

The an adjuster came out, and denied some of the damages on my claim.(damage to my rear bumper). I disputed this. I was contacted again and gave ANOTHER recorded statement.

Now I have my car back. I have learned that the part of the claim they have paid out so far was written up as a collision claim. I was told the claim investigation was still open. The shop has not received full payment. I have now been contacted by the insurance company, and am told I need to go visit the claim investigator to give a sworn statement.

My question is, Are they trying to denyo my claim? Part of it? Are they going to take me to court? Should I comply, and give the sworn statement? Why are thy doing this?

Total cost of damages to my car were $5,500.00 They paid out 2800$


Hello Vincent,

They are looking for a sworn statement because they believe you are making a false or improper claim. They believe that your damages were not caused the way you claim. You have nothing to worry about if you know this is in fact what happened. You have nothing to hide.

If you do give the statement, there could be perjury charges (if they have evidence to show that the accident did not happened the way you represent it).

This could be serious offense and you are advice to talk to an attorney.

As always, it is very important that you talk with a local attorney!
Good Luck,
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