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Animal involved accident

by Pat

My son swerved to miss an animal,rolled his truck and it has been deemed a complete loss. appraiser says there is no proof animal was hit and deems it a collision-at fault accident.

Is there any way it could be a no fault claim? Also have issues with the price offered for payout.

According to used car prices and options on the pickup I believe they are about $4000.00 to low.What do I do


Hello Pat,

Your son is in a difficult spot. The situation you describe will put 100% fault on his shoulders, even if he could have done nothing to avoid the accident.

Insurance companies logically deduct that if your son was not able to avoid an animal, then his speed was not prudent. It could have been a child. This rises the insurance company's risk (a showing that your son is not a careful driver) and thus, they can "adjust" the fault indicator and the price of your policy.

I hope this helps.

Please see our section on comprehensive coverage here.

Good Luck,

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