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Answer to Did not tell the insurance company about the DUI

by Jackson

I received a dui and totaled my vehicle... I didn't receive a police report from the police and I told my insurance company that I totaled the vehicle but I didn't tell them that it was because of a DUI...

They processed the claim and are in the works of giving me my money...

I did receive a police report two weeks and it had all of my insurance info on it....What should I do?

Answer to Did not tell the insurance company about the DUI

Hello Jackson,

Well, you did not tell them? Did they ask and you said no? or you omitted this? Most policies (depending on your state) will still provide coverage if there was a DUI. HOWEVER, if there is a misrepresentation, that may very well void the policy. That is true in every state.

If you told them that you did not have a DUI after they asked you. Then you have misrepresented something. You may want to contact a local attorney before you correct this error. If they did not ask, the omission is also problematic, so you do want to speak with local counsel.

Good Luck
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