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Answer to What to do? Accident where there is a word v. word situation?

by Joel
(Chandler, AZ)

On January 23 at 10 am I was in the farthest left-hand lane waiting for the left light to turn green, when the car in FRONT of me reverses, backs up and hits my car crushing in the front of my car.

Since my car was operable, we go thru the left turn and pull our cars off to the side of the road. He gets out is very apologetic, admitting fault, and we both exchange insurance info. But in my stupidity I did not summon the police to do a police report.

Neither of course did he.

We both drove away with my car being damaged and his car not a scratch. There were no witnesses. And now as you can imagine I am getting a hard run around from his insurance company not wanting to pay for repairs and a rental car because of a lack of police report..what to do?

Answer to What to do? Accident where there is a word v. word situation?

Hello Joel,

Is the other driver changing his story? I am not surprised that the insurance company is being difficult, as there is no police report. However, a police report is not a requirement for you to be compensated for your damages.

If the other driver is saying that he/she back up and hit you, then the police report is not needed to sort out what happened.

Try to get a hold of the other driver. Explain that situation and if his insurance does accept fault, you will have to seek a court order.

Good Luck,

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