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Are you still obligated to buy?

by Jeremy
(South Carolina)

While test driving a new vehicle we were hit from behind causing damage to said vehicle. We had signed a buyer's agreement with intent to purchase, but have not financed with a bank yet.

Are we still obligated to buy this vehicle or is it the dealership's problem now?


Well, intent to purchase does not mean you have to buy. The answer to your question is right on the agreement that you signed. Usually, dealerships assume the risk of the test drive, however, that risk can be shifted to you in that agreement. It’s really a contract question.

However, the dealership probably also have a clause regarding not selling the car if you cannot finance, and no bank will finance a vehicle that has been in an accident (carfax report will decrease the value of the vehicle.

Sounds like you were not at fault for the accident, and that fact can also help you as you really did not cause the damage.

Good Luck

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