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Attorney fees/medical bills impropriety?

by Sharon

I was rearended by two cars on 1/19/09.My car was totaled,I had my two children in the car 7 and 3 years old. I had no insurance coverage. I had hired an attorney and never was able to speak to the attorney about my case, after three months I subsequently fired him and hired an new attorney.

The new attorney has just settled my case and informed me that the old one has filed a $1000.lein against my $10,000 settlement award.My new attorney advised me,AFTER I endorsed everything that

I have 4500.00 in Chiro fees(but 17 visits = $2994.00 according to the summary of charges FROM Chiropractors office) and $3300.00 for attorneys fees..

The same chiropractor was used by both attorneys and I never switched, 17 visits total between the two!

I feel like a victim all over again,my children and I will receive $1200. although I lost six months wages... What can I do? IS THIS LEGAL?


Hello Sharon:

You really have to look at both retainer agreements you signed. Make sure that what you signed is clear.

If you did not signed a retainer agreement (working on contingency requires a retainer), then you owe the reasonable amount of attorneys fees.

Read what you signed and make sure they are charging you for that (for both attorneys). Make sure the attorney knows that you are disputing the charges (put it on writing). Go over every bill and make sure the medical bills are getting paid as they are owed ($2994.00) and not (4,500).

If you have an issue or dispute over how the fees were collected or you believe the fees are not reasonable ( you did not signed anything or they seem to be inflated).

Contact your local BAR association and file a formal complaint against the lawyer.

Good Luck

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