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auto accident injury | Personal Settlement

by Joanne

I was hit on the passenger door, I had a headache behind my eyes for about 3 days, when headache went away I saw double in my right eye, went to eye dr. after testing it is diplopia monocular I was given glasses with prisim in the right lens, this helps when glasses are worn, I have to close my right eye when I don,t wear them.

I have tenderness around eye and get a pain behind the eye, doctor ordered a ct scan which showed right eye turned in a little, then was ordered a mri, which showed normal, they were looking for a blood clot or anuysum.

my medical bills come to about 6,000 and the eye dr. says this will probable be like this for sometime if not always, there is a surgery that can tighten the right muscle to keep the eye adjusted right, but I don t know about that.

The other insurance co has repaired my car which was just the door and aligned other parts, it is a 99 trans am and is fiberglass. This was witnessed by a police officer who made the report.

My question, after I gather all the bills what is a fair price to request from the insurance co.


Hi Joanne

When you say fair price I am assuming you are looking for a fair settlement for your injury.

It is very hard to asses this injury because there are many variable that you did not mention (state, how recovered you are, if you are or are not going to be needing the surgery, etc.)

There are several types of injury claims that you can me. Or several arguments that you can raise to ensure full compensation. Visit:
for a detail website on what to do and how to argue your claim.

Do know that eye and double vision injuries are more difficult to deal with. Injury adjusters fight this type of injury because the potential settlement can be fairly big.

Check out that website and consider talking to a lawyer in your local area for more information about numbers

Good Luck,

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