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Auto insurance claim check | How to collect it

by Gina

We received a check for the claim we sent in (our name only on the check).

We are now having trouble getting the body shop that we got the quote from to get us in and fix it (2 months).

Can we take it to another body shop to have it fixed or beings the insurance company agreed with the original one do we have to stick with them?

And if we can go to another body shop, what if the cost if different, will we have to pay the difference or will the insurance company?


Hello Gina,

You can move your car as you please. If you are having difficulty getting your car fixed, you can move it to another shop (at your expense for the towing if needed).

You are not “stick” to the value of the repair, you just have to show the new shop the repair estimate and see if they agree with it (most of the time they do).

If they do not or they believe that this is going to be over what that estimate is, then you have to contact the insurance company and explain the situation.

They will talk directly to the new shop and see why there are differences. The differences should not be a lot ($100 to $300), but if they are, the insurance company might have to re inspect.

Usually, insurance companies will issue a second payment (the first one being the check your receive) as a supplemental payment to cover the difference between the first estimate and the final repair bill.

This happens very often. You should tell the insurance company what is going on before making the move. Just keeping them informed (send them a letter).

I hope this helps,

Good Luck

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