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Auto insurance claim settlement

by Haresh


We had an auto accident two years back in that my wife and son (4 year old) were injured. My wife was in coma and went through couple of brain surgery and was hospitalized for 2 months. My son had little injured and was also hospitalized for 3 days. Right now they both are fine.

Since last couple of months, i am dealing with my auto insurance company for my family's claim settlement. I had following Auto and Medical insurance,
1. Auto insurance : Underinsured Motorist with Max $50,000 limit each person
2. Medical Insurance : HMO 100%

All the bills of my family hospitalization have been paid by my medical insurance. Few month back, i got a email from auto insurance and they have offered me $50,000 for my wife and son.i got a $50,000 claim settlement check for my wife from auto insurance as a part of Bodily Injury Liability. But for my son's claim, my auto insurance told me that you and your son have to be present for court hearing as he is under 18 years old, any settlement amount over $5000 has to be approved in hearing with judge.
1. Is this right?
2. What normally are happening in such types of settlement at court ?
My auto insurance agent said that it will take only 5-10 min.
3. Is it right ? Do i need to hire attorneys for this claim?
as i am new for this, please suggest me on this.
4. Do i get complete amount from auto insurance ?
5. After these settlements, Will my medical insurance come back to me for any reimbursement for my wife's and Son's medical bills which they paid already?



You need to contact a local California Lawyer before you do anything else in your claim. This is a complex claim and without special knowledge you will lose your rights. Talk to an attorney today!

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Thank you.

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