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Auto Insurance Claims Adjuster

What is their role?


Having issues with an auto insurance claims adjuster? Here is what they do: upon filing an insurance claim with your insurance provider and/or with the other party's insurance carrier, both insurance companies will send an adjuster to contact you.

A claims adjuster is the insurance company's representative. It is his job to collect information regarding the accident you were involved in, investigate the said accident, determine who was liable for the collision, decide on an appropriate settlement offer and everything that needs to be done to give you your compensation. With these data, he can determine if you still carry a policy them and if coverage exists for that particular accident.


It is with a claims adjuster that you bargain with until you reach a settlement amount that both you and the insurance company see to be adequate.

Whether it is the claims adjuster of your insurance provider or that of the other party, you will be asked to answer almost the same questions and be asked to provide the same information. The insurance adjuster will ask for your account of events along with your personal information and your insurance information.

He will also want to know the persons and motor vehicles concerned. An adjuster will ask you names of your passengers, of the people in the other vehicle and of any witnesses you might know of.

He will want to take pictures of your car and also might ask you an estimate of the damages you sustained. If he does not have one yet, he might even ask a copy of the police report from you.


The auto insurance claims adjuster of your insurance company and that of the other driver may ask you the same questions but their attitude towards questioning you differs from each other. Your insurance provider's claims adjuster will want to know of any injuries you sustained.

He might also ask you for the specifics of the treatment you are undergoing. Your insurance company is required by state law to pay only for your medical expenses up to the limits of your auto insurance policy. Without PIP coverage, they are not required to give you compensation for lost wages and for pain and suffering.

You may notice that when you are dealing with the auto insurance claims adjuster of the other driver, the line of questioning is of a different nature.

Their claims adjuster might even be skeptical about you. This is because if the other party is found to be liable, his insurance company will have to cover for not only your medical expenses but also the damages to your property, your lost wages and all other present and future expenses you incurred because of the accident.


You will have to be very careful with how you answer their questions as their line of questioning is designed to set you up into admitting that you are not as injured as you claim to be. They will want to do this so your settlement amount with them will be greatly reduced.

If your injuries are very severe, it is best that you seek legal advice before answering any questions from an auto insurance claims adjuster. With a legal counsel, you will avoid being cheated from the compensation that is due you.

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