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Auto Insurance for Ex girlfriend

by Jane

My boyfriend is covering his ex girlfriend under his insurance. He does this because he wants to be certain his child is protected which is understandable. She recently got into an accident and is under therapy for an injury to her leg and attempting to get a large settlement.

The insurance is under my boyfriend. She has now purchased a new vehicle and told them to go ahead and reinstate her name under his insurance again. He is going to allow it again.

Is this legal?

What are the consequences?

Can they both be held liable and if so what could happen? Basically I'm asking for the legalities here. Obviously she does not live under his roof. In fact, she is living in another state.

Answer to Auto Insurance for Ex girlfriend:

So long there is no misrepresentation to the agent (i.e. they live together), anyone can insure anyone. There is nothing illegal and he is probably doing the right thing by ensuring his child driving around in a car with no insurance.

Consequences? As far as a claim? It depends on the claim, Can he be held liable for damages she causes? Other than affecting his premiums, he cannot be held liable for the negligence of others.

It is important that he talks to his agent and explains the situation.

Good Luck,

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