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Auto theft of parents car while leaving ignition on vehicle

(Newark NJ USA)

I drove my parents vehicle to a gas station. While I stopped to get cigarettes my car was stolen. I left the keys in the ignition, since it was a quick stop.

The other issue I have it that I am not a listed driver on my parents policy.

Will the insurance company deny the claim due to leaving the keys and for being an undisclosed driver?



Under most insurance polices you would have coverage for this claim. Leaving your keys on the ignition and going inside the gas station will be used against them to raise their rates; however, your mistake should not bar coverage.

Not being listed is different from being excluded. If you are not specifically excluded from the policy, there is a big probability of coverage. This is especially true if you live with your parents (member for the household). If you don’t live with them, then there may still be coverage as long as you are a permissive driver and this vehicle is not available for your regular use.

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