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Auto Warranty Not Paying for Damage Repair.

I purchased a car from a deal in Gulfport Mississippi. It was a 2002 Nissian Altima, 3.5 Engine. Car was a nice car, ran good, was told by the General Manager that the vehicle was put on a machine tested by there mechanic and could find nothing wrong. I purchased the car with 24,000 mile, 24 month warranty, I took ownership of the above said car on the 16th Sept 2010, drove it maybe a couple hundred miles. On the morning of 21 Sept 2010, while traveling for work, going to Mobile Alambama. The car started act up, running really bad. Immediately i stopped on the shoulder of I-10, called the dealership i purchased the car from, they sent a tow truck to get the car. After a couple days the dealer called and said the warranty and repair place need to talk to you to get the process going to get the carf repaired. Needles to say, now the warranty and or the dealership does not want to pay for the repairs, the repair shop will not release the car, cause they have not been paid for the work. The General Manager told me serveral times that it would get taken care of with nothing out of my pocket. To this day the car sit at the repair shop, repair shop will not release till they get paid, the dealership General Manager told me on 1 Nov 2010 that he was seeking legal assistants, for what I do not know.

What are my options and/or what can I do or be done to help me get this issue resolved and my car returned to me that i am paying payment on and have only had possession of the vehicle for five days.


Looks like this is a warranty issue not an insurance claim issue.

You need to talk to a lawyer.

Good Luck,
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