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Backed into while parked illegally

by Randy

I was parked illegally picking up my friend on one side of the street while parked a person pulling out of their driveway on the other side hit me on the side panels.

Am I at total fault do I have a chance of winning. Cop came and gave me a summons for parking illegally?

Should I bother claiming the accident or should I just deal with it and pay for damages to not raise my insurance rate?

Answer to Backed into while parked illegally

If you have an accident, that is what you pay insurance for. Things like this happen. Will it increase your rates, maybe, but it should not be a lot AND unless you have a claim history.

Should settle? It depends of the amount of damages. Also, you may to be completely at fault. If your vehicle is there to be seen, the other driver does have a duty to not hit you.

Talking to our adjuster can help you sort that issue.

Good Luck

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