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Backing out of driveway | Who is at fault?

by Kemp

I was backing out of my driveway and was in my proper lane ready to proceed.

A driver backed out of a driveway across the street and backed behind me turning her car to get into my lane and turning the front passengers door into my left rear bumper .

Her car was partly in my lane and partly over the yellow center line . Could you please tell me your opinion of this accident . The adjusters are calling it a 50 \ 50 deal . I believe the other car was at fault for backing into my lane and crossways behind me .


Hello Kemp,

Well, sounds like both vehicles were at some point backing. The issue here is that if you back up and when you leave a driveway, you must make sure that there is no vehicle’s coming and/or possibility of causing and accident.

Checking for other people getting into vehicle’s and possibly getting on their vehicle’s and then backing. These duties rest on both vehicles, so there is negligence on both drivers.

How much? There is not enough in your question to say (no point of impact on both vehicles).

Good Luck,

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