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Being sued because of car accident.

by Geri

I have just received a letter stating that I am being sued for injuries towards the driver of a car that I have bumped into.

Now this was a very low impact hit which resulted in minor scratching to the rear end of his car under the license plate.

On the original police report no injuries were reported by either party. I am insured, I am not sure about the other party.

Please give me some insight!

I have never been in an accident or have I ever been sued. This incident happened at a stop light as it turned green.

Answer Being sued because of car accident.

Hello Geri,

I am sorry to hear this.

Couple of things. Are you sure you are being sued? A letter is not service of process. They have to serve you documents (which could be by mail), but they are not a “letter.” They are a formal Summons and Complaint.

In either situation, you need to contact your insurance company (auto) as soon as possible. You need to contact the insurance company that was active at the time this happened.

Next, relax. Insurance companies will have to defend you and provide you with counsel if needed (if there is a lawsuit, counsel will be needed).

They will also have to settle this matter or pay a judgment.

As always, it is important to talk to independent counsel.

Good Luck,

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