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Boat stolen progressive wont pay

by Susan
(west palm beach, fl)

My boat was stolen, then we found out my son gave it to someone to have it painted and I called and told them it wasn’t stolen, and then police found someone different on the boat so I called back to report it stolen and they said the case was closed but they held the person and searched the boat and left the top open and water got in and mold inside progressive will not pay what should I do?


Hello Susan,

As you already know, we deal with auto policies and not boat policies. Boat claims are somewhat more complicated, depending all the facts and circumstances. You still have insured rights and Progressive must follow the same insurance guidelines.

You have rights to know exactly why the claim is being denied. Even if the claim is closed, it can always be reopened.

Contact the Florida Department of insurance and ask how you can compel the insurance company to move the claim forward.

Please see:

Good Luck

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