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California State Laws | What to ask for injury claim

by Nova
(Yucaipa,CA 92399)

I was in a car accident around the 9th of May 2009, I was a passenger in my boyfriends car. There was an accident in probably the next lane over from the fast lane, the driver didn’t have time to brake and we hit the car going about 60mph, air bags were deployed the vehicle couldn’t move and I was going to get out of the car because I couldn't breath and the seat belt was hurting me so I took off my seat belt to get out, and another car hit from behind, I hit my forehead on the windshield.

All together it was about a 8 or 9 car accident, I had to be strapped to a board and taken to Kaiser in Anaheim. I was treated and released after about 6 hours in the ER.

I was out of work due to the head injury for about 2 to 2 and a half weeks. I have returned to worked now ,but am still taking pain meds and motion sickness meds. I get migraines which I’ve never had in my life and am not able to sleep sometimes, let alone move when I have them.

I have pain stemming from a 9 inch bruise that I had across my left hip which I assume was from the seat belt, it cause severe pain in my lower back as well as the whole side of my left body is in pain constantly. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I have to take more pain meds to be able to get out of bed because I can barely move my legs. I have to work to make money, and its hard and exhausting because I am in severe pain, I go home and cry sometimes because the pain is so bad and its stressful having to work like that or worry I will all of a sudden get a migraine and not be able to do anything but sit in a dark quiet room.

I only asked for the medical cost from either insurance company of either the car who hit us and caused the head injury OR my boyfriends insurance company who caused the large bruise on my hip and the back pain. They keep calling my bf and asking him question instead of contacting me, I only see him once a week to once every two weeks, he doesn’t know the kind of pain I’m in, they should be asking me. they don’t even want to pay my medical cost fully which are under 500 dollars because I have great insurance coverage.

I’m thinking about going to a chiropractor because I can’t deal with this kind of pain much longer I need to work. I’m also worried because my doctor told me with my kind of head injury problems can develop down the line, I’ve heard on day I could just not wake up and go into a coma. I haven’t even asked for pain and suffering although I do think everything that is going on with me, the pain I have and being stressed out and depressed all the time I am entitled to it.

I’m not sure what California state laws are or what I can do about this, its not like Im asking for thousands of dollars and the insurance companies trying to screw me out of a few hundred which I am entitled to makes me very upset. What’s the point of insurance if its no good with paying what it owes to the injured. If there’s anything you can help me with Id really appreciate it. I can be contacted at ----(removed by webmaster).

Thank you so much for listening. I can send pictures if needed if you contact me.


Hello Nova,

I am sorry to hear about your accident. There is not much we can tell you other than you need to contact an attorney. To find one please see: and they will able to help with all the specifics of California state laws and what kind of compensation you are entitled to.

Please see our section on bodily injury here:

Good Luck,

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