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Can an insurance adjuster give a gift card as a way of saying thank you to an insured?

I work for a major insurance company and have an idea that would really help us when handling claims that weren't handled very well before we were assigned to it.

Can we give an insured a gift such as a gift card for a restaurant, Wal-Mart ect as a way of saying thank you and sorry for the frustration the claims process caused?



This is an interesting question. It is nice when insurance adjusters realize that certain circumstances cause insureds a lot of stress. There is nothing legally speaking that bars this type of gift. However, do check with your internal claims department. They are so afraid that if you do that, you would be saying that the insurance company made a mistake it must pay for.

Insurance companies protect against liability, as you know, and they are afraid of being found "at fault", liable, or in bad faith.

Good Luck

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