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Can an insurer refuse to cover me on any other vehicle after my car has been stolen?

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I have been insured with the RAC (AVIVA) since September 2011. On 18th October my car was stolen I made a claim and this was paid out.

They are now saying that the underwriter 'scheme' I am insured under are unable to re-calculate a change in risk mid-term. So they are refusing to provide me with insurance on any other vehicle. They are saying that I am still liable to pay the remaining annual premium. They offered to set me up on a new policy but said I will have to pay the rest of the current policy first.

So I said what you are telling me is that if a persons car is stolen or written off then you will not continue to provide insurance when they get a replacement car? But because they have made a claim, if they cancel, they have to pay the whole premium?

Yes, was the answer I got.

I would like to know where I stand on this. There is no mention of this in my policy documents even in small print and I have never been told this verbally or by written correspondence. The RAC even admitted over the phone that they were unaware of this until they asked the underwriters!

Please could you advise me?


You need their answer in writing, then take it to a local attorney. They cannot change for coverage you don’t have. If they are cancelling the policy, you must be reimbursed for the amount of premium not used. It is pretty typical.

The question is, they do not want to insured a new vehicle? That is a new risk and they may have reasons to do that. Again, talk to an attorney to see if there any bad faith or violation of consumer protection laws.

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