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Can an offer be refused after it's been accepted for a total loss payment

by Kim
(Boston, Ma.)

My 2007 Jeep Patriot was determined a total loss by my insurance company and the offer my husband accepted cannot replace it. It was a certified pre-owned vehicle that was fully paid off and I owned it for less than a year before the accident.

It had low mileage and was in good condition. Everything on the vehicle was factory standard accept it had aluminum rims and the heated seat option also.

My husband and I went to the dealership we bought it at prior to talking to our insurance company and the dealer printed out what the vehicle in that condition was selling for and it was a couple thousand more than the offer.

It's my vehicle so can I refuse the offer he accepted, and if so is it worth it for a little more?

Answer to: Can an offer be refused after it's been accepted for a total loss payment?:

Hello Kim,

How you send the title of your car to the insurance company? Have you accepted and cash the check? Have you sign any paper work “settling” the claim?

If you have not, you can recall the acceptance. You can simply claim you are the owner of the car and this will not compensate you.

In addition, if you have not sign over you title or any paperwork with the agreement, you are not settled.

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