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Can I recieve lost wages due to the disabled vehicle and not being able to attend work?

by Mr Allen

I was traveling down the interstate in the fast lane when I ran over a thirty five inch tire on a rim;it had came off of another vehicle and landed in my path.It did a lot of damage to my vehicle.

I was on my way to this training class for work in which I am paid for.

This class is a qualification requirement for my trade.I am paid by the hour for the class and mileage.I may miss out on a well paying job opportunity due to missing this training. Can I receive any payment for the loss of these weeks income?
Thank you,
Mr Allen


Hello Allen,

No, you would not be entitled to income. You need to mitigate your damages and make it to training / work by other means: arrange for a rental car, arrange for a bus pass, or have someone take you there.

This is well founded on your duty to mitigate your damages. Please see:

The only way you could receive compensation is if there is a documented bodily injury claim.

Good Luck

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Aug 09, 2011
Left Lane
by: Anonymous

if it was 35 inches (almost 3 feet) didn't you notice it before you ran over it? why were you in the left lane of an interstate anyway? you must have been passing someone, since (as we all know) the left lane is for passing only, and therefore was speed a factor? regardless of whether you were speeding or not, unless you got hurt physically they are not paying anything with regard to wages. at a minimum, i hope you can learn from this experience.

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