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Can I request the loss of use of my vehicle in a total loss?

by Danielle

I have a 2004 Chevy Silverado equipped with a very nice towing set up package. Our truck was totaled and we are having to rent a car until we settle with insurance. Problem is that we have lawn contracts and we can not transport our lawn equipment because Florida does not allow you to tow with a rental car.

Can I claim my lost wages for that specific use? Even if I am injured, I could transport my equipment to the job and have someone else do the work but I can't tow with a Florida rental car.

I called FL Dept. of ins and they said if I was to wreck the rental car even if I had the rental car insurance, they would come after me for loss of income on the vehicle while it is being repaired. So why Can't I claim the same?

Answer to Can I request the loss of use of my vehicle in a total loss?

Hello Danielle

This is different. You state that there is a law that does not allow you to two with a rental car. We have never heard of such law? If a rental car can two (a truck), why would you not be able to use it? Make sure that such a law does exists (as in get a quote to the actual code) so you know for sure. Also, consider talking to a local attorney.

Now, you may have an issue regarding the loss of use claim. Loss of use is often used in a "personal policy." Personal use is meant or often defined for "private use." Insurance companies exclude coverage for "business use." Your argument may be barred right on your policy. You have to look and see exactly what it says.

Again taking to an attorney would a good idea. If there was an injury, you may be entitled to pain and suffering.

Good Luck
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Apr 18, 2012
by: Danielle

Well maybe I mis spoke and its not a law in FL that you can not tow wit a rental but there is not a single rental car company that will allow you to tow with their rental vehicle. If they have a hitch they have it labeled no towing. if it does not have a hitch and you try to put one on, no company will do it. I have tried to rent cars and tow a uhaul trailer on the back and they will not allow it!

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