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Can I sue for the loss of my car?

by MS
(Olive Branch, MS)

My car was totaled in a hit and run accident. The police arrived on scene, witnesses gave reports, the vehicle description and tag number.

My insurance spoke with the car's owner, who openly acknowledged her car was indeed involved in a hit and run and was reported to the police. She(owner)sates she allowed a friend to drive her car (which matches the witness description of the driver, however, she refuses to give the name of the driver thus leaving my insurance to pay this claim as uninsured.

I'll now have to buy another car. The amount of the loss won't cover another car without me coming out of my pocket to make up the difference.

Is there any other recourse I can take? Can I sue the car owner to make up the difference that I'll be out of pocket trying to replace my car?


Hello MS,

Well, you can indeed sue the person you believe cause the accident. You can do this by going to or even a formal lawsuit. You will have to prove your damages and that the other person caused the accident, which can be a difficult thing to do. But you do have that option.

You can also hire an attorney and have a normal lawsuit.

I hope this helps,
It's very important you talk to a local attorney

Good Luck,

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