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Can I withdraw a car insurance claim

I hit a tree in parking lot. I immediately called the insurance company and reported the accident and opened a claim to get the process rolling.

However, after talking to a body shop, I understand that there really was no damage done except needing a new bumper.

As such, I would rather pay the out of pocket rather than going through the insurance company and getting hit.

Is there a way to do this so that I can avoid having this on my record?

Its only been 2 days and I haven’t' even spoken to the adjuster yet as this happened over the weekend.


Hello. Nope. We do not believe there is a way to withdraw a claim. There is a way to ask for the claim to be closed without payment; however, the insurance company record will continue to show that you had a claim (that could affect your rates).

Remember that insurance companies assess your premium on “risk.” This will show their underwriting department that you might be as careful of a driver as they first anticipated. This might sound unfair, but some insurance companies will do anything to raise your rates. One of them is not allowing you to withdraw.

When you ask Can I withdraw a car insurance claim, the answer will also be 100% on your state regulation. Some states require insurance company to have a complete record of all file insurance companies. They can close but not withdraw (there will always be a record).

On a lighter note, this might be a smaller accident, and although you cannot erase the record, it might not affect your rates one way or the other.

It is possible that if the insurance company does not pay anything, they might not make a big deal out of it.

Good Luck,

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