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Can I withdraw a claim?

by Lisa

Well I was backing out of the parking lot and immediately stepped on the breaks when i felt my car hit something.

I was already more than halfway out of my parking space and at first i thought i hit a parked car but i noticed these woman in there that were backing out.

My car took in a small unnoticeable scratch but their car was a bit more noticeable.

They were wanting to fill out a withdrawal claims form. What is a withdrawal claims form?

Is it my insurance that pays for them? Personally, the scratch is just small so I don't want to call my insurance company about having it fixed.


They can try to withdraw the claim and see if they themselves want to fix their vehicle.

This can be problematic however. Are they saying that you will pay for their damages? Parking lot claims are very difficult and you need to make sure you are not “at fault.”

Some people will say that they will withdraw a claim but they expect you to pay for their damage.

If you believe that you are at fault (does not sound like you are 100%), then you can pay them out of pocket if the damage is minimal. If there is a dispute, it is good to have insurance involved to sort it out.

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