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Can the insurance company make me pay damages when i wasn’t at fault?

I was on my way home at 9 am after dropping my boyfriend off at work. I drive this route everyday 4 times a day for 3 years. i have driven it in the snow, rain and at night. so therefore i am really familiar with the intersection i go through it four times a day. i had a green light and cars in front of me i also had vehicles behind me. the other driver was coming from the right with what she said was a green light. she crossed over into my lane and we were in a head on collision. the vehicles behind me almost hit me from behind and blared their horns and swerved around us and took off.

my main concern was getting my two year old daughter out of the car who was sleeping and woke up upon impact. i asked the other driver after that why she pulled out in front of me and she said i had a green light. at that point i sat in the back of a police cruiser because i hit my head so hard i was dizzy and disoriented. i was taken to the hospital by ambulance while she stayed to gather witnesses.

She did not go to the hospital till the next day or that night..she had 3 witnesses at the scene who said that she indeed had a green light. but i didnt have any number one i was brought to the hospital and didnt flag anyone down and everyone that could of been my witnesses were already gone because they had a green light and the people behind me were angry because the other driver almost cause them to hit me..there were no witnesses saying i had a red light and that is what she told her insurance company. that i had a red light.

I did not have insurance but i live in new hampshire and it is not the law to have insurance. the police report did not say anyone was at fault..because they couldnt prove who was at fault.

her insurance company would not even look at my vehicle from the very begiining and now even though the police report was no fault they told me they are coming after me for damages. if i was responcibel for this accident i would gladly pay it. but i had a green light! i wasnt in a hurry or talking on the phone my daughter was sleeping i had no distractions and i was going through an intersection i take everyday. she hit me.

can they make me pay? and what should i do??


Well, disputing fault when you are not insured is difficult. Insurance companies will take advantage of you so you do need to talk to a lawyer.

You can see if you can go after the party who hit you and see if a judge will make a decision regarding fault.

As always, it is very important that you talk with a local attorney!
Good Luck,
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