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Can they sue us both? | For a car accident

by Krista

I was recently in a car accident where I rear ended the person in front of me who in turn rear ended the person in front of them. My first question is my liability to both persons or only to the person in front of me.

Another issue I now found that I have is that my car is not in my name and there was apparently a misunderstanding on whom was carrying insurance on the car and it would see there was none at the time of the accident.

Is the person whose name the car is in going to be held responsible for the damages or am i as the driver. If he would normally be help responsible is there anyway to prevent it.

The accident was my doing and should be my responsibility.
This happened only a couple of days ago, what should I be doing other than purchasing insurance which I have already done.

I really want to clear this up as soon as possible and don't want to wait for someone else to take legal action.


Hello Krista,

I am sorry to hear you are in this situation.
It sounds that you would be 100% at fault for the damages to the person in front of you.

If you hit them from behind , usually 100% at fault. If you they hit the person in front, the liability could be split as to the damages to the third vehicle (if they overreacted or were following too closely).

If you pushed into the vehicle in front, then it is likely that you would be 100% at fault for entire accident.

Damages are usually held against the driver. The owner of the car can be prosecuted, but it is very very rare. They would have to show that the owner somehow contributed for the final accident (more than simply giving you the keys).

If you had insurance, or were paying for insurance, there should be coverage even after the misunderstanding is corrected. It is a pain on the neck to try to get this corrected now, but do not let them deny your claim.

You are paying coverage. Remember that insurance follow the car, not the owner or the driver. So, if the car is insured, then an insurance company should provide coverage for the loss.

Good Luck,

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