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Car accident and not damage | Can they come back with injuries?

by Aaron

I was in a car accident and hit it them from behind. There car as really no damage. Just needs to take the bumper off and buff out scratches and repaint.

My car was damaged more. I just received a call from the hospital asking for my insurance agents number. She is in pain now and it has been a good 6days since the accident.

She was fine and working around and just said she was shook up. I am wondering if she is trying to pull as much money out of me as possible does that seem like the case?


It is difficult to say. Soft tissue injuries in car accident show more symptoms the day after, so it is possible that she is legitimately hurt. In any situation, your insurance company will protect you, and trust me, they will make sure she is really hurt and not just trying to pass a fast one.

Regarding damages, It does occur that some cars do not show damage, but injuries occur. It does create a question of legitimacy, which the insurance company will look into deeper.

Do make sure you are on top of your insurance company and they do not overpay a claim and ding you for it.

Good Luck,

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