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Car Accident Compensation


Car accident compensation can be hard to get! If you get involved in an unfortunate car accident wherein you are not liable for, you are entitled to damages, and this often means: money.

If you happen to be a passenger on one of the vehicles involved in the car accident, you would have to make an insurance claim against the liable driver. He can be the driver of the vehicle you were in, the driver of the other vehicle or in the case of shared fault, both drivers.

If you are a by-stander or someone riding a bike or a motorcycle, your claim will be filed against the person whose motor vehicle hit you. If the liable driver is insured, his insurance provider will take over the claims process.


The easiest car accident compensation to collect is the one involving property damage. Your motor vehicle can be easily inspected and with a trained mechanic eye, its damages can be easily spotted. With or without bodily injuries sustained, compensation for damages to your car is guaranteed.

After assessing your injured vehicle, the other insurance company will now be ready to give you an initial offer. If you agree to this opening offer, you will surely collect the lowest compensation possible. For you to get a fair settlement value, you have to get your own estimate of the car damages sustained.

Do not just get one estimate but get three. Pick the estimate that has the median value.


You can show these estimates to the other insurance company and you can tell them that you are going with the estimate with median amount. This way they will have no reason to refuse because the estimate you are showing them will now be a "reasonable and necessary" value. For sure the estimate you are going with has a value that is far higher than the estimate initially shown to you by the insurance company.

If you have sustained bodily injuries from the accident, you are entitled to file a car accident compensation claim for your medical expenditures. Visit the emergency room as soon as you can and have them examine you. This way you can show the other insurance company that you took measures to avoid the further aggravation of your injuries. Also by visiting an ER right after the accident, the doctors can link the injuries you incurred to the car accident that took place. The other insurance provider will have no excuse to not cover for your bodily injuries.


For you to include Lost Wages in your car accident compensation, you need to get a note duly signed by your doctor saying that you cannot work because of the injuries from the accident. Upon receipt of this note, your employer will send a letter to the other insurance provider.

This letter will detail your daily salary, how many days you usually work and other matters including a raise or a promotion you would have been awarded had you not been absent due to the accident. All these are reimbursable items that the other insurance company owes you.

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