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Car Accident Insurance

An auto collision can happen anytime and the best protection against it is a car accident insurance policy. Below is a list of do and don'ts to bear in mind when dealing with auto insurance claims.

The Do's List


Do inform your insurance provider of the accident you got involved in as soon as you can. Your insurance company should be one of the first you should inform along with your family. When possible, inform them of the incident right after your injuries have been attended to.

Do read your car accident insurance policy thoroughly. Be sure you have read the fine print of the policy before signing on the dotted line.


Do take note of as much information of the accident as you can. This is why you must keep a camera, a pen and a notepad handy in your vehicle at all times. Take pictures of the vehicles involved and of the accident scene. Take down the names and contact information of the other parties involved and of any by-standers who might have seen the accident take place.

Do remember to jot down the insurance information of the other parties involved in the auto collision. You may have to provide this information to your own insurance provider or you may have to contact the other party's insurance company yourself.

Do keep a record of any conversations exchanged and/or transactions made with a claims adjuster, whether an adjuster from your insurance provider or from the other insurance provider. You might need these in negotiating your settlement offer later on

Do keep any receipts and/or bills issued to you for anything related to your car accident claim. Such receipts include those issued for the reparation and/or replacement of damaged property, for the medications needed, for the medical treatment required, etc.

The Don'ts List


Don't ever admit to any form of liability. When asked who was at fault for the accident, do not admit that you were even partially at fault. Instead, just give a factual account of the accident while not expressing your opinion on how it occurred. You are not required to admit fault. It is the work of the investigators to gather pertinent information that will determine who was responsible for the collision.

Don't sign any document, waive any rights or grant any access to insurance adjusters if you do not fully understand the terms of the documents they want you to sign. Seek legal counsel first before attempting to sign any document.

Don't forget about the statute of limitations for your particular case. Every state has different statutes for filing lawsuits for different cases. Be sure you are well within the allotted statute when you take legal action.


Don't readily believe everything your claims adjuster tells you. They might say that the opening offer is the highest settlement value they can pay you. This is untrue. There is a higher value than that.

Don't let any deadline for filing car accident insurance claims pass. Insurance companies have a grace period wherein you have to file a claim. A claim filed after the set deadline is considered an invalid claim. Car accident insurance does not have to be expensive. Get a quote today!

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