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Car accident liability | Minor driving

My minor son was in a car accident under my insurance policy in a vehicle registered to me.

I have now learned the other driver has contacted an attorney (although not hurt at the scene). I have PIP but the limit is $10,000.00 if they sue and or want more would they sue me directly and or can they list my son as a defendant even though he is still a minor?

He turns 18 in February and if it takes that long can they then sue him as an adult even though he was a minor when it happened?


Hello there,

Well, your son could be liable as driving is an "adult activity." However you may also still be liable for the damages caused by your son because it is your responsibility to supervise him (negligent supervision of a minor).

The "PIP" limit does not apply here. PIP is for personal injury protection, and in this case it would only apply to your the injuries your SON had, if any.

Please see:

The injuries the other party had would be covered under the liability portion of the policy

Please see:

In the rare event that your liability limit does not cover 100% of the damages to the other party, then you could be liable for the excess. This is unlikely as most of the time, the insurance company will settle within policy limits.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck

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