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Car CRASH!!!

by Walter

I was In a crash with my buddy, it was his fault and his car was totaled out. I had 11k of medical bills. The insurance agency my buddy has is state farm. They gave Me my Pip, which was a maximum of 2500.00 around 3 mths ago.

I recently received a call from them regarding the bodily injury part of my claim where they the offed me a very small sum of money.

I declined and the Agent asked me to contact them monday morning with an amount that I thought was fair.

What is the best way to approach this negotiation???

Answer to Car CRASH!!!

Hello Walter,

Negotiating your own claim can be difficult. You know they are not giving you a fair offer. They want you to throw a number and use that as your "top offer." You don't know if you are getting a good settlement unless you study. .

OR, better yet. Talk to an attorney. Really, it is very important. They may get you a lot more than you think. See the form below to talk to one free and really look at your case.

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Good luck
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