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Car depreciation | how to deal with this claim?

by Clara

I bought a new car O miles and at the 4th day with just 200 miles a State Farm insured vehicle hit my car on the back.

I place a claim with this company and they send an estimator to see my car and evaluate the damages and when I call them they told me they already check the car and called an used car parts seller and they will sent me a check with the value they get from the seller. I called state Farm and told them that I want original parts because my car is new and it was just 200 miles at the moment of the accident.

What can I do in order to have my car fixed with original parts?


Hello Clara,

Well, given the fact that your car is so new, you have to accept nothing less but new parts. They will try to depreciate you 200 miles, which is ridiculous, but this does not mean they will not try.

The only thing your really can do if they drag their feet is sue them in small claims. Consult with a local attorney about the regulations for this type of claim in your state.

Remember that you can also tell them that if they do not pay you the price of new parts, you will seek compensation for diminished value. This usually gets them moving. To learn more about diminished value, visit:

Good Luck,

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