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Car door dented in parking lot


I had just parked my car in a parking space to the right of another vehicle(at a multi-store shopping center), when a small child swung open-fully extended the rear passenger door and hit my driver side door. Once I was able to get out to check for damage, a small dent was below the my driver's door handle. I looked for the driver next to me but she was gone.

I called my insurance and gave them what information I had, license plate number, model and make, etc. and was told it would be easier if I got her insurance information but I didn't have to. I waited for her to come back to her vehicle for over 30 minutes but no one returned. I decided to leave but drove around the parking lot a few times.

I recognized her child returning to the vehicle and parked in front of her because the original space was occupied. She gave me her information, I gave mine. She took pictures of the door. Asked if we could settle this without insurance and if I could get a quote.

Went home and received a call from her insurance, who was extremely accusatory and stated they could see no way her rear door could hit my front door. My car is a compact and hers was an SUV. My ins. adjuster spoke with them and they stated she admitted her child opened the door and were accepting liability.

Meanwhile, my adjuster stated repairs would be about $125. About 2 weeks later a new adjuster from her ins. called and stated she was further investigating and facts did not support it was their insureds fault. Liability was withdrawn and now it is going to arbitration.

I did not get a police report because the area I was in will not send an officer unless there is an injury. I also did not take any pictures at the site. I was very shook up and haven't been involved in an accident in over 20 years. The only witnesses are her small child and my 12-year-old.

Am I able to find out what facts dispute my claim from the other driver's insurance? The dent was not there prior to her child hitting my car.


Hello there,

Well, insurance is all about evidence. You have pictures and the fact that she gave you her information shows that at least there was a dispute over the contact between the two of you. You will have to go through the process and show your evidence in the best light possible.

This is very difficult to do, sometimes, but your adjuster must help you with that. Ask your adjuster what you can do to help the investigation.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck

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