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Car insurance fraud after accident? They are claiming damages they probably do not have

by Sally
(Las Vegas, NV )

I got in an accident a month ago it was my fault I rear ended someone. They only had a scratch on the back bumper not even a dent there were two men...

They didn’t claim until a month later. now the passenger not the driver is filing a bodily injury claim for a scratch on the back bumper..

I have full coverage insurance AAA.

What should I do, should I hire a lawyer to defend myself for insurance fraud or let my insurance company handle it.

If they are guilty for insurance fraud will they go to jail for putting me through distress?

Please help.


Hello Sally,

Well, insurance fraud is a difficult thing to prove in situations like this one. The bottom line is that you tapped their car and the driver/passenger can make a claim against you for the injury (even if there is no injury, simply going to the doctor to be checked out is considered an injury in the insurance world).

They will have to prove their damages and if this is a small accident and there are not other issues (like the driver or passengers have been injured before and this accident made them more susceptible to injuries), then they will likely have a hard time proving those.

Contact your insurance company. This is why you pay insurance for. You pay insurance for the defense in case something like this happens.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck,

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