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Car into my lane | other side dispute

by Annette

I was involved in a car accident on 3/5/09 when i was driving around a busy one way system another diver came into my lane and hit my car it was minor damage and i had to get go down the road quite a bit before i could stop this driver pulled up behind me and jumped out of her car screaming and sweating and me saying look at what you done to my f######g car

I told her to calm down and just get on with exchange details which we did i have now got a letter from her insurance say she was stopped at lights and preceded to drive into her with reckless driving i might and speeding we could only have been doing 5-10 miles at time as it is a very busy place and there was lots of traffic she is also claming whiplashes and she only hit the door of her car and as i said minor damage

i cant belive that this woman is making up all this lies i have two witnesses and i hope that is enough to clear my name could you please offer any advice on this i would be most grateful thanks


Hi Annette,

It is unfortunate that things like these happen. You have to get your insurance company involved asap. This woman is making injury claims against you that you did not cause. Your insurance company must be able to defend you directly or with an attorney.

You have to dispute both liability(fault) and damages (damages to the car, and whatever injury she is making). Also you need to see how you are going to get your car fix.

As mentioned above, the first step is to get your insurance company involved. You also need to make sure your insurance company is defining your rights and protecting you. Sometimes they don't do that.


on how to handle a claim and how to keep your insurance company on a short leash.

Good Luck,

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