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Case dismissed in a bad court decision

by Ana Maria

I was involved in a car accident in August. I was heading North and the other car was heading the opposite direction. The other vehicle was at a left turning lane. We both argue that we each had green light. Both vehicles were totaled yet when the police arrived to the scene I was issued a ticket because the officer claimed to have spoken to witnesses which I never saw.

I contacted my insurance company and filed a claim. A few weeks later I was told that they were paying for the damages of the other vehicle as I was issued a ticket. I told them that they should wait until court date but they did not bother to listen.

It was determined at court that nor the police officer or the other party did not have sufficient evidence to support their story. My case was dismissed.

I contacted my insurance company and asked for a status they stated that they had not yet paid for any damages to the other persons car. I explained that the case was dismissed so I was told that upon receipt of verification they would notify the other insurance company and at that point the case will be closed as no one was found at fault.

I have only liability coverage. Is it possible that the other insurance company pays for my damages? Will my premium be likely to go up or will it not being that my case was dismissed?

Thank you.



Well, it’s unlikely. You have a court finding no on at fault. You cannot show that the other person was liable to you. You may want to appeal the court decision.

Typically, you don’t go to court. You let the insurance company deal with this and then go to arbitration if there is an issue. It is to bad that the decision was a bad one.

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