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Claim for total loss and storage fees

I was rear end by a man in a company car. My car was totaled out it took 5 months to get my check for my car and for his ins. company to pick the car up from my mothers drive way.

She wants me to pay her for storge fees since it sat there so long and dis colored her drive way. So can she file a claim thru his ins.

Company for storage?


Answer to Claim for total loss and storage fees

Hello there,

Well, the insurance company will likely not pay you for storage. There are a few issues with that claim.

1. Your mother is not in the business of keeping vehicle in storage. She probably did not charge you (gave you a receipt), so the actual storage was probably not incurred. Of course, she can give you a receipt now.

2. Typically, insurance companies ask you to move the vehicle to a storage free facility when they learned about the storage fees. They allow for a few days, but not five months. They claim you have a duty to mitigate your damages and it is up to you to move your vehicle.

3. Lastly, damages to her driveway may or may not be the direct fault of the person who hit you.

You lose nothing by calling the insurance company and see what they say.

Good luck,

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