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Claim in a no insurance car accident

I was involved in a t-bone car accident on 11/26/2010, I was driving my in-laws car doing them a favor to put gas in the car when the accident happened. I was driving an SUV and had collided with a sedan I had no idea that the car was not insured.

At the time I was 5 weeks pregnant and I had to be taken to the hospital where I stayed overnight because I was bleeding and my baby was at risk. Thank God my baby was then fine and he is already here with me. When I was in the hospital I was told that they couldn’t do any kind of testing on me because they didn't want to harm the baby.

They discharged me the next day and I went to see an attorney, he told me that I needed to see a magament pain doctor, but since in the hospital told me that no testing could've done due to my pregnancy I just didn’t go because they wouldn’t know what to treat me for. The other party was insured, and they ended up in the hospital as well.

I was contacted by my attorney at te beginning of November this year to ask me how was my treatment doing, I told them that I didn't get any treatment because of what I was told in the hospital, a few days later I got a letter in the mail from him saying that he will no longer represent me in the case.

Today12/9/11 I got a letter from the others party insurance saying that they want to settle and if I don't contact them by 12/12/11 I won't be able to recover anything.

My in-laws talked and they told me that they will take the loss but they just want to make sure that after the settlement (or before) I or the owner (father-in-law) won't get sued, can this happen? Can they pursue us after a settlement just with the other party?

I will really appreciate a fast answer since I'm running out of time.
Thanks and have a nice day,


Ps. I also consulted other attorneys to see if they will take my case after my attorney dropped the case but nobody was interested

Answer to: Can an offer be refused after it's been accepted for a total loss payment?:

Hello Pam,

You need legal representation as soon as possible. It is very likely that your statute of limitation will expire. Talk to the insurance company and see what the settlement offer is, but really consider talking to an attorney.

There is really no other way around it.

Good Luck,
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