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Claim reimbursement check | Hold up?

by Ron
(Long Beach, CA)

I got an estimate done through a AAA selected body shop.

I let the adjuster know I'd rather just have her send me the check and I'll take care of the work myself.

She said that they can only issue a check to a body shop and not directly to me. I thought they could just pay the customer directly?


Hello Ron,

It depends. If you have a lien holder, then the insurance policy requires the insurance company to protect the lien holder. They do this by ensuring that the vehicle is actually repaired (by making a payment to the bodyshop). If you rather have the money, most insurance companies will issue a payment to you AND to the lien holder. Most banks actually apply the amount of the check to your loan balance (and you end up with a vehicle that is not repaired).

If you don't have any lien holders, they should pay you directly. If are dealing with your own insurance company, they will deduct your deductible and you get the remainder.

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Good Luck,
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