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Claims that effect Insurance quotes

I had a unique situation. I was the caregiver for my cousin in Nashville for a lung transplant. A travel trailer was given to my cousin for use to live in during her recovery.

We had run out of gas for hot water so I had to drive the motor home down the street to get it.

Now the motor home was given to my cousin for her recovery and I had to move the motor home for my cousin.

Had damage for not clearing a post to the drive where you get the gas. I never heard anything about the claim but just recently I was getting insurance quotes and it came up that I had an accident on the owner of the policy in 2008.

Are they allowed to report me which will now effect me getting preferred rates. I have no tickets or accidents.

Answer to Claims that effect Insurance quotes

Hello there,

I am sorry to hear about your cousin. I hope everything worked out.

Yes, they are allowed to have an accident reported for the driver and the vehicle. If you had an accident and/or incident and the insurance company finds out, then the underwriter department can use that information to assess your premium. They will “put” more risk on you.

Now, you could dispute this as there was no claim. The underwriting department may take this into account and not raise your rates.

Good Luck,

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