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Closing a claim | How do I withdraw my claim

Can your insurance company deny the closure of a claim if you no longer want to process it?

I have decided that the damages to my vehicle from a slight fender bender with another vehicle are not going to cost too much to repair.

In fact, I received an estimate from a body shop and it is a cost that I am willing to repair out of my pocket. However, my insurance insists that they still have to follow with the other driver to see if they have damages that need to be paid for.

The other driver as far as I know has not contacted their insurance. I know this because their insurance has not tried to contact me.

This is my first vehicle where I have everything under my name solely and from the beginning I did not think the damage was great nor did the other driver but everyone around kept insisting that I file a claim just in case.

Now, I'm afraid that because my insurance is trying to contact the other driver that I will be seen as the aggressor trying to collect money. Also, I want to cancel it because as I said the damage is not great and it will not even go over my deductible so the insurance will not pay me anything.

The adjuster tells me that I can cancel the claim but it won't be canceled entirely due to she has to contact the other driver.

That said I'm worried that even though I told them to cancel it as far as my side goes, that my premium will still go up because the claim was processed.



Well, you cannot withdraw a claim like that. They know that you hit someone or at least you may be at fault to the damages of a third party. The insurance company now has to make a diligent investigation to find out if any money is owed to anyone for anything.

They have an obligation to do this and although your deductible may get on the way of your recovery, it does not affect the third party rights against you.

A claim can affect your rates, but remember, you do pay insurance for a reason.

Here is an article on when you should not file a claim (too late for you), but great tips, plus you probably did the right thing.

Good Luck

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