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Company car, company employee, company insurance? Who pays?

by Amber
(Sacramento ca)

I was in an accident last December. I was hit by a employee of Toyota, driving a company car. He ran a red light and totaled my car!

I have lost my job, about to have to drop out of school because the company insurance is saying that they do not know if they are liable because the employee was driving a company car that he normally didn't drive, but it was still their employee, their company car.

Shouldn't the insurance cover my damages? Please help me so I will know what to do next before I have to drop out of school.

Thank You


Hello Amber,

Insurance follows the car (99% of the time). It’s their vehicle, if they have insurance, that insurance company will likely have to pay for it. You can file a complaint if with the department of insurance of your state to compel an answer from the insurance company.

Even if there is no coverage or this takes forever, they will likely NOT be liable for your job loss and/or having to drop out of school (if you were injured, maybe they would be liable. However, if no injury, then that is unlikely). Remember that you have a duty to mitigate your damages.

Good Luck,

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