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Connecticut Claim Process for Auto Theft

by shelby
(east hartford, Ct)

My car was stolen while I was at a show in Hartford on 02/07/09. Today is 04/06/09 and I have not heard anything.

On March 16th, I received a letter dated March 10th stating that they were reviewing my comprehensive insurance.

On March 13th I received a call from the SUI who set up an appointment with me for March 19th. He came to my home and asked me questions about my bills.

Today is April 6th and I have not heard anything since the 19th. I did receive a call on the 23rd telling me that the SUI was now in charge of my claim.

When do you think they will close my claim?

Does Connecticut have a certain amount of days to close?


Hello Shelby,

I am sorry to hear about your situation. The insurance company has some questions regarding the claim. SUI, or Special Unit Investigation is usually assign to claims when there is indication of fraud and/or misrepresentation. They can also work on coverage issues.

SUI and the insurance company has a right and duty to complete an investigation. In some cases, it could give them the right to ask intrusive questions, like your bills and financial condition.

Generally speaking, insurance companies have 30 days from the day you file a claim to conduct a reasonable investigation, however, if the investigation takes longer, they must put in writing the status of the investigation and the reasons for the delay. This applies across the United States.

For more information about what Connecticut does, please contact the Connecticut Department of Insurance here:

Good Luck,

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