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Coverage for equipment but not installation

by Kathy

Our pickup and cabover camper were totaled; it was the other party's fault. Our insurer was good about covering the truck. We don't understand the insurance company's view of the camper--it can only be carried in the pickup bed if some equipment is installed--this costs about $2,000. The company only wants to pay for the equipment and no installation (like we can do it). Also, there really is no comparable quote on a camper like we had due to a solar panel installation ($1,600 today) as well as the model, etc. They used NADA which adds only $145 to the camper value.
Also, we made a thorough list of contents in the camper and went to 2-3 stores or internet sites for prices. Will we get reimbursed?
It has been 3 weeks since the accident -- what about our losses for inconvenience, time put into finding something comparable?


Hello Kathy

There is no compensation for inconvenience.

It is interesting they are covering the camper but not the installation. Remember, if the camper is part of the vehicle (bolted), then they owe you to put you back in the position you were before the loss (a camper bolted to the rear of the truck). If they cover the one, they should cover the install.

Do read your policy and make sure they are quoting it correctly. Ask to see where the installation is excluded. They might be covering this under a “camper” coverage, that does not cover installation.

Again, the exact language of the policy is critical to determine if they owe the install. If they cannot show you where or how it is not covered, then they must covered (the insurance company has the burden to show that it is excluded).

If you do not agree with the value and you believe there is no market for it, consider talking to a public adjuster or an independent appraisal.

Learn about your appraisal rights here:

Good Luck

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