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Coverage for husband car while at work

by Laurie

We live in Nevada, and have only Liability Insurance on our vehicle. My husband works at a gas station/convenience store.

In Nevada every kind of store here sells alcohol and tobacco. My husband works grave shift and has had many problems with "Youngsters" trying to buy alcohol.

The last ones he had, out of 6 of them, none could furnish an ID. So they were refused to purchase the alcohol. After many profanities of course they left.

About 15 minutes later another customer came in and told my husband that 6 people were throwing boulders at his vehicle. He assumed that it belonged to my husband because they had the only two vehicles on the property.

Anyway, this caring customer yelled at the perpetrators and even tried to chase them.

The police were called, reports were filed, and we have the name and number of this witness. Besides the dents, holes and "NO WINDOW" they destroyed, our insurance will not cover because it is only liability.

Question: Can we file against my husband's employer?

The police have advised us to being that he was not only parked on company property, was on the clock, but for the most part was singled out specifically because he was doing his job and abiding by the laws.

In Nevada not only will the company be fined, but the individual selling without proper ID will be fined and can be fired.

Thank you


Hello Laurie,

It is very likely that you can file. It will come down to "is this a foreseeable risk of the job." I thikn what you are describing will meet that definition, but this is always a question of fact.

If he was not working there and doing his job, he would not have his vehicle damaged.

Talk to the employer and see if she wants to pay out of pocket. If she does not, then you want to file a claim against the business. This might take some time, so do not wait too long for an answer from her.

Good Luck

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