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Damaged Property - Insurance doesn't want to pay full amount.

by Jason
(Port Hueneme, CA)

My garage door was damaged when a driver accidently left their car in gear and exited the vehicle. I was able to do some minor repairs to make it operable, which is good cause the insurance is taking months.

The appraiser (who is separate from the insurance company) came out and inspected the door. About a month and a half later I received a check for $800.88 for final payment on the garage door. I contact a dealer for the exact door that I have to get an estimate. The estimate came in at $1,990 dollars painted to match the HOA requirements.

The door itself costs $1,675 installed, and they charge a fee of $315 to paint the door to match.
I contacted the insurance, who said i need to talk with the appraisers. After weeks of contacting the appraisers they are now coming to verify the make of the door, but they are claiming that they pay cash value and they seem to care what the estimate says.

Is this correct? Can they just pay me what they think is cash value or should they pay based on the estimate for replacement? Also they noted the paint value to be 2 hours at $45 per hour. That's $90 when I have an estimate from the installer for $315. how can I fight this?

Thank you for any response, I'm tired of fighting these insurance companies and it's not even my fault.

Answer to Damaged Property - Insurance doesn't want to pay full amount.

That does not make sense. Actual cash value applies to “vehicles” and depreciating assets. Replacement cost is typically applied to real estate (including windows and doors).

If the insurance company does not want to deal with you, file a complaint with the department of insurance. Also, consider getting an attorney or going to small claims to get the full payment for your door.

Good Luck

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